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At La Grande Onda Pilates and Yoga studio, we believe that mindful movement can positively change your life.
Whether you are an athlete or a freelancer, a person with a sedentary and very stressful job, a pensioner or a teenager, by accompanying you through a positive body experience we lead you to experience your body, your mind and your spirit in a new way.


It is among the best gymnastics to rejuvenate body and mind. Pilates is a western method that helps focus the mind through body movements.

Pilates is ideal for those who want to improve their physical shape and for those suffering from problems with the musculoskeletal system, bringing people back to moving without pain, through a positive experience beyond their expectations.

You will be guided by an expert teacher in harmonious movements that respect the physiological and biomechanical laws of the body, giving + elasticity, + tone, + energy and well-being.

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Yoga is a thousand-year-old oriental discipline, born to free the people who practice it from suffering and reach the state of "Samadi".

Today it is used in the West, with excellent results, for the general well-being of the person, yoga offers a set of psychophysical techniques that can be used effectively for the most varied purposes, such as improving the physical and mental health of the practitioner and giving + flexibility, + concentration, + relaxation and joy.

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Biodynamic and Craniosacral - Massages - Pancafit (Metodo Raggi®)

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