YOGA individual lessons

Would you like to practice yoga but have little time to attend weekly courses? Or do you have particular objectives and therefore need a personalized practice?

Then individual yoga sessions are right for you!

There are particular situations in which a personalized proposal and exclusive attention is needed that group lessons cannot guarantee.

Here are some cases where an individual session could be particularly suitable.

  • If you are already an expert in yoga and want more advanced lessons and a personalized training program to do on your own
  • If you are passionate about apnea targeted yoga techniques can make you progress quickly, already proven with extraordinary results
  • if you can't attend the weekly courses but want to learn tailor-made practices to do wherever and whenever you want.
  • If you have strong tensions that require you to go particularly gradually
  • If you practice sports both as a hobby and for passion, a targeted yoga session can offer you the possibility of greatly improving your performance and at the same time balancing the imbalances that the repetitive movements of sporting activity cause.
  • If you simply feel the need for a practice more targeted to your needs

In any case, if you call or stop by the office, we can quickly direct you to understand if an individual or group practice is more suitable for your needs.

Yoga offers a wide range of different techniques that can be used according to the type of goals, this type of meeting will therefore allow you to have a proposal that will allow you to act in a targeted way on what you need most for rapid progress in the direction of what your personal motivations are. This mode will also allow you to schedule your lesson with considerable flexibility based on your other commitments and this is no small advantage.

Who is a one-to-one lesson suitable for?

So if you have little time to make a weekly commitment, but still don't want to give up improving your well-being, if you have particular goals and therefore the need for a tailor-made lesson; this is a precious opportunity.

Yoga can help you improve your health, your mood, resolve anxiety and stress situations and make you feel that with the right strategies you can start living at the level of energy, vitality, serenity and confidence you've always wanted.


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