PANCAFIT® (Raggi Method®)

Do you suffer from back pain, joint pain, pubalgia, arthrosis, hallux valgus, respiratory blocks, venous and lymphatic stasis, myotensive headaches, hip arthrosis, sciatica, do you want to rebalance your posture?

Pancafit®, improves your posture and physical condition thanks to its action on muscle tension and stiffness, for this reason it also manages to act positively, indirectly, towards various problems. Pancafit® rebalances your posture with simplicity, acting on the entirety of the muscle chains. It is able to restore freedom and well-being to the whole body through "DECOMPENSATED GLOBAL MUSCULAR STRETCHING".


  • People who are afflicted by some pain, for example back pain (lumbar, dorsal, cervical pain ...), joint pain in general, pubalgia, etc ...
  • People who want to rehabilitate the muscles after a trauma.
  • People who want to rebalance their posture.
  • Athletes of all disciplines who want to improve their sporting performance.
  • People who find it difficult to relax and who want to release their tensions and emotional baggage.


Con il personal trainer: seduta di lavoro uno a uno con il tecnico che andrà a valutare la postura del cliente effettuando un colloquio in separata sede. Egli andrà a proporre un allenamento con esercizi specifici finalizzati al miglioramento delle problematiche da lui riscontrate.


  • Because it re-stretches tense or retracted muscles through symmetrical and global work. It manages to relax and stretch those muscles (responsible for various ailments) that have never been able to involve until now.
  • Because the body assumes an immediately more correct position and attitude; it definitely feels straighter and taller.
  • Because by loosening muscle tension, the joints will be less blocked and therefore more free to move without problems.
  • Because every exercise done on Pancafit inevitably also involves the diaphragm, thus improving and unblocking breathing.
  • Because by easing the tension of some muscles using Pancafit, venous and lymphatic circulation will also benefit.
  • Because where muscle tension and aches and pains decrease, a situation of harmony, greater well-being, the desire to move and to face life better is established.


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