YOGA group lessons

Did you know that yoga can offer you well-being and benefits for the body, mind, emotions and spirit?

Through targeted practices it allows you to recover a condition of well-being at all levels and experience a substantial improvement in the quality of your life.

Here are some of the benefits it can offer you:

Body: tone, elasticity, posture, flexibility, fitness, relief from "small" ailments, release of muscle tension, improvement of breathing, therefore of all vital functions, discovery of a new relationship with one's body

Mind: increased concentration, strengthening of will and determination

Spirit: connection with a deep, infinitely wise and unconditionally joyful part of you leads you to a new perception of yourself and your life, new perspectives that awaken the intuition that helps you take sure steps in your life.

Emotionality: elimination of stress, being able to learn to manage and overcome states of anxiety, gain self-confidence, stability.

Furthermore, by attending the course you will be able to:

  • Overcoming everyday problems and challenges in a new way thanks to the connection between body and mind that will allow you to move with a feeling of harmony, ease and effectiveness
  • Use effective tools to manage independently
  • "Breathing" with the cycles of the seasons to draw on resources and opportunities that we usually ignore
  • Reconnecting with the sense of the sacred in a secular and concrete way, to open yourself up to a new perception of yourself and the life that surrounds you
  • Recontact, forgotten resources and potential with an engaging and regenerating practice.

Quindi tecniche specifiche, efficaci e alla portata di chiunque desideri riconquistare il proprio benessere psicofisico, proposte con professionalità e freschezza per una esperienza utile e al contempo piacevole e coinvolgente.

Why attend a yoga class at La Grande Onda?

Because you can count on the guarantee of being followed professionally by a highly qualified teacher in terms of training and experience.

Because you will be spending time in a special place for a practice that has great consideration for the person and individual characteristics of each participant.

Because you will find courses in which the needs and objectives of those attending are proposed in order to tailor-fit in a specific and targeted way which is adapted along the way based on the results obtained and individual needs.

A course offered in a location that offers the best comforts for a regenerating break; an interlude of tranquility, elegance and joviality that allow you to completely disconnect from everyday life and leave regenerated and charged up to face daily commitments.

Yoga is a millenary practice and, if it has come down to us and is still a source of interest for many people, it is because it has an indisputable effectiveness and offers such benefits that have made it pass the test of time where civilization, languages and traditions have disappeared.

It works, based on individual characteristics and times, but it works, and the benefits can be experienced immediately and consolidated over time with constant practice.

Ecco che cosa dice chi ha partecipato ai corsi di Yoga:

"Mi sento più tranquilla e sicura di me"    - Simona

"Mi sono passati i dolori mestruali, ho smesso di prendere antidolorifici, cosa che facevo da anni!"    - Sandra


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