What is Pilates

Pilates is often considered as a gentle exercise; some call it a fitness method, others a postural gymnastics, still others simply a "fashionable" method and want to learn more about it.

But pilates is so much more.

It is a method created and studied to teach people to move and experience their body in the most efficient way possible, in order to achieve consolidated well-being. It is a highly customizable method and adaptable to anyone.

There are no age limits: from the sportsman who wants to improve his athletic movement to the person with back and neck problems; from those who want to tone up their body, to pre and post pregnancy women; from those who want to improve their metabolism to lose weight to those who need post-physiotherapy maintenance.

The Pilates method through its principles such as fluidity of movements, concentration, control, balance, breathing, allows you to release tension and fully strengthen the body, re-educating it and bringing it back into balance.

Each muscle will return to take care of the function for which it is designed, without taking charge of other efforts that due to postural, stress, emotional, work problems, bad habits have overloaded it and altered its balance.

Pilates, in its most complete version, involves the use of large tools designed and studied for the method. With a free body program, the use of small tools is intended to facilitate the learning of the single exercise and to make its execution increasingly complex and advanced.

With the use of the Reformer and the Cadillac there is a mobilization in unloading of the body, in case of difficulty maintaining an upright position. This gradually transfers the movement into a situation more similar to everyday movements.

The large machines allow the execution of many variations of exercises through a varied number of trapeze grips and positions of the mobile trolley.

All the exercises on these great tools can be performed by all users, under the guidance of an expert instructor.


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